Note: Since this part is obsolete, I am leaving this page up for reference but the page is no longer maintained.

Here's the board I use as a recorder for 2500 series ChipCorders. It differs from the basic recorder board in that it's got switches to allow the ChipCorder to be addressed for multiple messages (see Winbond site for info on Basic Addressing and the Address Segment Resolution table). It's also got a switch hooked to the PD connection which gives the ability to reset when used with full memory messages (see note below). It incorporates a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket for easy insertion/removal of the ChipCorder and it's got a connection to hook up a little speaker to check the recorded material.





Important Note regarding PD pin (pin #24):

The PD (Power Down) pin has several functions.

During times when the ChipCorder isn't being used for recording or playback, it can be placed in a very low current, standby mode, by taking this pin high (5 volts). This reduces the current draw from an already low 25ma down to 1ua. This function is primarily a "battery saver" function for long periods of usage on batteries.

Another usage of PD, and this is the one that most directly affects us as haunters, is to reset the chip from an "overflow" situation. When the entire memory is used (all the recording time), an overflow pulse is sent out on pin 22. The main purpose of this pulse is to trigger another ChipCorder in order to increase record/playback duration. Unfortunately, when this overflow situation occurs, it disables the playback capability until the PD pin is pulsed high (5 volts). The simplest solution to this problem is to never record to the maximum record time, in other words, on a 2560, keep your recordings under 59 seconds (or more accurately 59.9999.. seconds). If you do need the full recording length, then you'll have to pulse the PD pin high momentarily to reset the ChipCorder.

The PD pin is also used when the ChipCorder is configured in the push-button mode. See the Winbond web site for details on this mode (I've never used it so I don't know a lot about it).


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