This is a continuation of "Editing Geocaching Field Notes using Excel".

This page shows you how to use GSAK version 8 or later to load the .csv file created in Excel automatically on to your account.

Step 13 GSAK:

You now have the .csv file created in the previous steps.

Step 14 GSAK:

Open GSAK (version 8 or later) and click on " access" in the top menu.

Step 15 GSAK:

From the drop down menu, select "Publish logs".

Step 16 GSAK:

In the "Publish logs" page that pops up, right click in the yellow area, mouse over "Fetch" then select "From file".

Step 17 GSAK:

Locate the .csv file you created and click "Open".

Step 18 GSAK:

The Publish Logs page will automatically populate with the data from your .csv file. After it finishes adding all the data, push the "Publish" button at the bottom and the logs will begin to transfer to Depending on how many logs there are, this could take a while.

That's it, your logs will show up as if you did it the "old-fashioned" way.


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