Scary Terry's Haunted Graveyard 2003, Page 2  

We had a small Halloween List gathering on the weekend before Halloween. Here are some pictures of the folks who attended. The pictures have a golden hue to them because of smoke from some major fires in the area at the time (we were getting covered with ash).
Left is Albert from Casa de Sade with his son. Right is Ron Tye.
Left is Eric Sonntag and his sons, to the immediate right is Greg and far right is David Taylor.

Here are a few pictures of my Axeworthy setup. The basic frame is made from 2x4's with attached aluminum plates to hold the wheel axle.
The motor is a Saturn wiper motor with an attached bicycle cog. The cog is pop riveted to a piece of aluminum which attaches to the motor.
The motor will be mounted to the 2x4 with a Simpson post cap (common hardware item).

Here's a view of the frame with motor attached.
I use a standard 26" rear mountain bike wheel. I had to remove a couple of the cogs because it kept wanting to "change gears".
This is the "skewer" that secures the wheel to the frame assembly. The wheel will actually stay in the frame without this skewer, but it's safer with it installed.

Here the completed assembly
and here's the assemble in its normal operating position

  This is the final assembly mounted to our patio cover. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the mount. It consists of another 2x4 which is screwed into the patio cover. It has a pair of post caps (just like on the motor) mounted about four feet apart. The assembly fits through those post caps and is allowed to slide on the mounting 2x4. One end of a heavy duty spring is attached to the end of the main assembly, the other end is attached to the 2x4 mount. This is what holds tension on the line that the ghosts are attached to. I put a heavy coat of wax on the 2x4's that rub together to allow freedom of movement.  

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