Adding Elevation Data to Your GSAK Database

  This is an addendum to my instructions on Planning a Trip Using GSAK. This will show you how to add elevation data to your database.  

Step 1: Get the "elevation" macro.


On the "Macro" tab in GSAK, select "Run/Manage".




In the box that pops up, click on "Online Macro Index".

Scroll down to the macro simply titled "elevation" and click on it.

On the webpage that comes up next, click on "elevation.gsk". What you see may be different than the picture at right due to upgrades and other changes.

You'll get a pop up box like the one to the right, click OK

In the next box, be sure "Install the macro" is selected then hit "Go".

Step 2: Populate Your "Elevation" Column


After the above steps, "Elevation.gsk" will now appear in your "Run Macro" list. Highlight it and hit "Run".

In the "Get Elevation Data" box that appears next, don't check either box, just hit "OK".

Elevation info for each cache will now be retrieved. This may take a while depending on how many caches are in your database. Your "Elevation" column (assuming you've selected it from the Tools/Options/Display tab) will now be populated.

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last update 11/2/2012