Printing Your GSAK Database

  This is an addendum to my instructions on Planning a Trip Using GSAK. This will show you one method of printing your GSAK database.  



You've created a database in GSAK for your trip, now it would be nice to print this out in a form that will be useful on the road or as a means of sharing it with others in your group. Here's how I accomplish this:

Step 1:

In the printed version, you may not want all the columns you have in your main database or you may want some different columns. For the ones you don't want, right click on the column heading and choose "Remove Column". Don't worry, you are not permanently deleting these columns.

For columns you may want to add, in the top menu, select "Tools" then "Options" then the "Display" tab and select the additional columns you want. A column I like to add is one called "User Data". It will add a blank box to your printout where you can add a few brief notes to remind you of the cache.

Step 2:


You've deleted and added columns so your database contains just the info you want to print. It should look something like what I show to the right.

Step 3:


The next step is to save this "view" so it can be used later. From the "View" menu at the top of the GSAK page, select "Save a Current View...".

Step 4:

Give this view a name so you can identify it later on. I call mine "Print"

Step 5:


The "Print" view will now be an option under the database "Views" menu. Chosing "Default" will take you back to your original database.

Step 6:


To start the "printing" process, click "File" in the top menu then select "Print..."

Step 7:


In the box that opens up, select "Preview".

Step 8:


You should see something like this. Depending on your computer setup, you should be able to manipulate this page to select portrait or landscape, "fit to page" or other sizing options and maybe a few more options.

Step 9:


Under the Print menu, you can now print your database, or my preference is to save it as a .pdf document. Saving as a .pdf is a great way to share it electronically with others in your group and it can also be printed from that format later on. I use CutePDF Writer which is free download.


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