You'll need to bend the copper tube into the shape shown left. Copper tubing is easy to bend, it's important not to do too tight of a bend or bend it too quickly as it might kink the tube which cannot be undone.

Here's a link to a full sized image of the bent tube in a pdf file. You can print this out to act as a template for bending your tube. When printing, be sure "Page Scaling" is set to "None" so the size of the 8 1/2" x 11" image is not reduced to accommodate printer margins.


Install compression fitting onto the "supply" end of the copper tube. The supply end is the lower left end in the full tubing picture above.
Assemble fittings in the order shown above. Use teflon tape on all the joints. Tighten securely.

  • Install tubing assembly into gun as shown left. Note that your tubing will be longer at the front of the gun than the picture shows.
  • Mark your tubing then remove and cut so that the tubing/glue gun nozzle relationship is similar to that shown below.
  • Replace tubing into gun

  • Reinstall trigger mechanism. Glue feed and trigger fit into slots in the case. Pin on arm that connects trigger and feed goes into recess in case.
  • Hook the black spring onto the solid blue post (not the post with the hole).
  • Reinstall "pen" spring.
  • Reinstall rubber ring.

  • Reinstall the case cover. You may need to move the trigger assembly a little to get all the parts to align properly. Things should fit well without having to force anything together.
  • Reinstall all the screws except for the three where the posts were removed.
  • Reinstall the "hot" warning sticker.
  • Go shoot some webs!!
    • The glue gun takes about five minutes to warm up. When trying it out for the first time, you may need to bend the air tip slightly to obtain the best results.
    • We run the air pressure at about 70 psi and vary the flow with the ball valve. We find that the shooter works over a broad range of air flow.
    • The gun will shoot about one or two sticks of glue before you need to pause for a minute or two to let it reheat.


  last update 11/2019