(JOking Skeleton Heads)



This is a rebuild of the Joking Skeleton Heads prop (JOSH). It's a pair of talking skeleton heads (Bucky's) that sit at the entrance to my haunt and tell really bad Halloween jokes. The previous version had too many parts, took too long to set up and wasn't very reliable. With this rebuild, the setup will consist of driving a stake in the ground, bolting the prop to the stake, plugging it in and pushing play on the MP3 player. It should take no more than 10 minutes to set up.

Here are a few pictures of the new unit:






This is the front of the unit. The Bucky skulls will be mounted to the black uprights which contain the speakers. The box below contains the electronics and will be painted to whatever theme I choose to go with (probably a circus theme)


Here's the rear showing the speakers and the hinged door over the electronics. I intend for the unit to be somewhat weatherproof.



The electronics consist of a pair of 18 watt amplifiers (far left and right), a pair of audio/servo drivers (next to the amplifiers), a cheap ($10) MP3 player (center) and a pair of power supplies. I found it necessary to use two power supplies because of noise problems. The small board below the power supply on the right is a voltage regulator to produce the 1.5 volts for the MP3 player. To hook it to the MP3 player, I attached the + and - wires to small screws in the ends of a 3/8" dowel cut to the same length as a AAA battery and inserted into the battery compartment. The MP3 player was a one-time special from The amplifiers are a home made version of this kit and the speakers are from a pair of decent quality computer speakers. The sound quality is very good with plenty of volume to be heard over crowd noise.



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