On my chair rocking mechanism, I've installed a switch that will trigger a ChipCorder which produces the snoring sound for the Bucky. The purpose of the switch is to keep the sound synchronize with the motion of the chair. With each motor rotation, the switch is tripped, which in turn activates the ChipCorder which then produces the snoring sound and moves the Bucky jaw. The snoring sound is about two to three seconds long and is a sound I recorded myself.



The switch used is a conventional microswitch with an attached wheel. It came from my junk drawer so I don't have a specific part number or source but it is similar to the picture at right. It probably doesn't need to be a switch with a wheel, the wheel just helps to reduce friction. The switch is mounted to a 2x2 block which is attached to the motor board just in front of the motor.

Here are a couple of pictures of my setup. Click on the pictures for a larger image.



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